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[RP] Headcanons

 Headcanons for some of the rps i am in!! lmao spent too much time thinking this shit up, then again boredom at work usually leads to this. 

Dave as exchange student at uni rp 

- Jade was born in Sydney and lived there her whole life, she has travelled all over australia but never really been outside the country. 
- Her parents both died when she was young, in a car accident sadly enough, she was raised by her grandpa, tho her dad's sister, felt she had a responsible and helped grandpa raise jade as well, so grandpa had help from her daughter as well. 
- Jade's aunt, had one son, named Jake, obviously that means his Jade's cousin, since Jade was raised by Grandpa and her auntie, Jade was really close to Jake, even tho he was a couple of years older than her, they got along really well and treat each other like brother and sister. 
- Jake is about 25, haven't really placed Jade's age in the rp, so i am going to say she between 19 - 22. 
- When Dave comes on exchange, Jake is travelling around the world, so this is why Dave never meets him. 
-  Its been probably over a year since Jade has dated someone. 
- Jade studies Balcholar of Physics at the uni of sydney 
- I can't decided where she works atm, idk if i am resturant or as a reconpist for some place?? 

I will come back and make more lateeer but these have been floating around in my head for awhile 

Sorting Hat AU 

- I was thinking the classes that i would make feferi good at would be care of magical creatures and divination???? IDK SHE HARDS TO FIND CLASSES AT WHAT SHE WOULD BE GOOD AT 
- I think she enjoys hogwarts not just about learning buuut for also for making friends and the social ascept?? feferi already has been part of the magical world since she was born soooo nothing magical suprizes, but she just loves hogwarts in general, its a beautiful school to her
- idk its hard to place her relationship with her mother?? I mean, feferi understands about her mother never been around, compared to Meenah, feferi doesn't hold it against her, she is an important women and needs to be places, and she knows her mother cares for her, so she understands! Sometimes she wishes she was around more, she also feels kinda bad that she could never been as interesting in the stars as her mother is, she kinda has a sense that her mother wishes she was, well thats why she takes the classes anyway, but she hates to admit to her mother that she is stuggling and also peixes family is not a family they likes to show weakness? 


Ghost!John AU 

- Jade is 13 in this AU, be living with her grandpa, since her parents die when she was younger. She lived in the town since she was born
- first year of highschool
- she meet Dave through there science class, they were science partner and their gained a friendship through it

- haven't done this rp in a couple of months so i might stop hereee

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