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вυввℓє ღ ([personal profile] bubblefire) wrote2012-07-07 11:19 pm
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[Cosplay] Plans 2012


[OVER] Mini Animania;
God Tier Jade - Homestuck with Megan and Nicole

[OVER] Supanova;
Mindfang - Homestuck (w/e ancestor group)
Nathan - Misfits (w/e group)

Sn0wman - Homestuck (w/e alice as sleuth and sasha as slick)

[OVER] Manifest;
Godtier!Jade - Homestuck (maybe??? if i fix in time)
Male!Feferi - Homestuck (with Megan as Femdan!)

[OVER] Animania;
Hawkeye - Avengers (Lolita ver)

Cosplay Masquerade - November 24th
fancy!Dirk Strider - Homestuck

Other plans (for shoot)

Costume that need to be finish;
Miku (Love colour ward)
Lithuania miltary + children's day

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